A Private Water Reserve For Your Plants

(Reduces The Need To Water)

Grow Like You Mean It.

Drought-Proof Your Plants

Boreal Deepwell Water Cache is a natural super-absorbent and acts like a sponge, binding water molecules with the molecule chains in the Cache crystals (with what’s technically known as cross-link bonding). This makes the Cache gel swell, creating a three-dimensional gel network up to 300 times its original size, absorbing water and nutrients for later use by releasing the absorbed water into the root zone of the plant.
Deepwell Water Cache gels swell and reserve water for your plant.
Boreal Deep Well Water
Deepwell Water Cache gels look like ice cubes.
They won't melt, but will eventually dry until replentished by rain.
Boreal Deep Well Water

Boreal Deepwell Water Cache acts like a personal deep water well for each and every plant.

Deepwell Water Cache - Plant Water Reserves


Mix one 5gr pouch per gallon of soil.

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