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Gorilla Growing Amendments

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Carriboost Microbiology


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Boreal PowerPlant Supersoil makes growing as easy as possible, while producing the best possible harvest. As opposed to regular soil, Boreal's organic living soil recreates a natural growing environment particular to marijuana. This means less work for you as a cultivator, along with the a larger, and healthier, cannabis yield. Whether you grow outdoors or indoors, PowerPlant is versatile enough for you to use in virtually any environment. Used as a vegetable soil, you'll enjoy a healthy organic bounty that all but grows itself.

Boreal PowerPlant Supersoil Starter lets you create a fully organic growing medium, for composted super soil that mimics the root conditions that makes cannabis thrive in nature. Your main job as the grower is to simply water your plants and watch them grow. There’s no need for complicated nutrients, chemicals, managing pH and other factors that can make growing cannabis more difficult or time-consuming throughout the grow.

100% Organic. PowerPlant only contains organic ingredients, and is as close to nature's soil as you can get. The essential nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, microorganisms, and volcanic minerals work together to make cannabis thrive. All Boreal Soil products are specifically formulated to enhance taste, fragrance, and smoothness that can only be captured in organic mediums. Compared to other types of soil and growing methods, this process can enhance the flavors and scent specific to your strain.

NO NEED TO FLUSH! Even if you believe in flushing your cannabis plants, an absence of chemical salts means that there's no need to flush the plants before it's time to harvest, saving you time and effort, not to mention the vital resource of water.

With nutrient-rich soil as your ally, you don't need to waste time worrying about maintaining pH and nutrients. All you need to do is provide a water source and look forward to a quality bountiful harvest.


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